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I especially enjoy the physical act of carving and sculpturing stone. Surface textures affect the material and give it sensual forms, allowing human expression to be unleashed onto it. Often I let the raw materials guide me, choosing to harmonise my design with what’s already there, though sometimes it’s a design idea that leads me to pick the right materials.

I have found working with stone intensely enjoyable and deeply engaging, whether that’s representing living creatures or exploring more abstract relationships in symbolic, philosophical form. It is almost a process of meditation, which encourages a more intuitive approach within an understanding of nature itself. Each stone, slate or wood has a beauty of its own.

Much of my youthful career was spent as a humanist activist. I am trained as a software engineer and have worked as a desktop publisher/graphic designer among other roles in different industries before launching myself as a full-time stone carver. I have attended Accademia d'arte, A.M.A, insipiring workshops in France, Carrara in Italy, Germany with maestros Nicole Durand,  Luca Marovino,  Martin Wiese, Eileen Macdonagh.. I have taken a part  in Sculpture Trails, exhibitions in the UK and stimulating artist residencies in the UK and Spanish mountains, overall assistant in Morocco. Almost a month  in 2018-2019 went by quickly in Global Stone Workshop- Mamallapuram, south India- archaeological jewel village  and with over 200 stone carving workshops, ultimate destination for artists sculpting in stone, lost wax bronze casting.  Predominately worked in granite and Rajasthan marble, inspirational time spent amongst the traditional Dravidian temple carvers-village whom they got mind-blowing work ethics  and provide the carvings to temples all over the world . Just before covid,  the carving time spent near slate quarries in Italian mountains (Genevo)  with lovely Antonella Tiozzo. Last  2 years I am taking part  three days intense  carving, lovely, unique, unforgettable stone festival (Steinhoggerfestivalen)  in Oslo.  Looking forward 2024.

Sessions are available at my workshop in BMS (Butley Mills Studios) too.

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