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Spanish extravaganza

I have been abandoned the website for along time! Naughty naughty! shouldn't be any excuse, but it has been busy year.....

I am going to add at least a few pictures from inspiring artist residency in Spanish mountains in 2016. Had a brill time with lovely carvers, humans whom came there from different locations: Netherlands, England, States, Australia, New Zealand with superb human Jon (from Wales) we had a whale of time. Carved in the daytime, fun, conversation, film the evening time. We shared fun, enjoyment, sculpture house yummy cooked meals and Juan's delicious 3 course meals with hmmm carajillo coffee. Apparently it derives from spanish courage- in order to give soldiers courage in the history! Every week we had new episodes, from refreshing "40 minutes walks" to recording sessions of nature, carving. "UN meetings for the sculptures!", so many things... No need to mention fun part of arranging/packing/carrying the sculptures to put into planes ;0) Beautiful month spent with beautiful people in beautiful/unspoilt surrondings....

I am so happy that I have been invited to go there again, now, as overall assistant this year ;0) Cannot wait... ;0) Here are some pictures from last year:

This is the view we have to "put up" from our "carving balcony". Ready for anytime ;0)

This one is early stage of "Turning"- Spanish alabaster.

Finished there:

Final polish - and exhibition

Second piece: Early stages of "Black fleece" Inspired by very sweet, funny looking sheep around our balcony. Spanish black marble- Very hard stone


Here it is italian alabaster: Resting (it was fun to find a name- UN team will remember ;0 but still I am not sure about it ;0)

Jon is giving inspiring speech about carving to Becky ;0)

Working on travertine piece, (I must be surprised with my picture taken!! ;0) )

Juan is giving a "dinner party" for us yummy ...(one of our leaving party evenings)....

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