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Preparation of spring/summer stone-carving workshop in Morocco

Everything went really well, quick, and pleasant -with superb Jon. Middle of February, pleasurably warm in Taroudant- not touristy area ;0 Our man in Morocco - Said- was excellent. Here are some highlights -pictures of the preparation of the week:

Our bunker table- designed there, produced by local blacksmith in the afternoon. He will make 5 more of these for May workshop

Local sand stone which will be available to the carvers in May - tiger body

Worksop space with swimming pool:

And Fatima's lovely food- I certainly put on weight

Some chisel produced there by another local blacksmith

And of course we went to famous Atlas mountains to get soap stones. Berber (to be precise actually Amazighs (meaning "free people" or "noble men") Omer showed some samples to us. Beautiful stone ;)

And my arm twisted, and I put some more pictures in facebook while we were there

So, almost all ready for May ;0)

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