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Wow what a scenery ... Black Forest...

It was ever so lovely experience in Germany.... Black Forest area...

All sand stone- different colour- and tick tick chisel sound mixing with birds and warm climate, heaven....;0)

Here is the team, ooo except Martin, I guess he was taking the picture

This is the working area, breath taking, and the weather was its best.... 23rd degree! We need it almost parasols!

Gorgeous food

Susan's yummy home made saussages, yummy

Symbiosis taking a shape- red sand stone...

Martin is discussing.....

Weighing the symbiosis.... still 2 kgs to go down.... then it will be shipping time

Ok, now is ....stop carving.... 30.2kg Yippee, suitable for posting by DHL ;0)

Banana box arrived in one piece to the workshop, UK!

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