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Emerald Isle with Eileen Macdonagh

Had a brilliant time/work experience/being assistant/sharing the house with brilliant human Eileen in beautiful country Ireland. Worked on a little time on gorgeous shelled Kilkney stone, but most of the time spent on Eillen's granite babies whatever the weather- except heavy rainy day. Working on these giant babies warming up is just a matter of minutes

Eileen's sculptures around...

I even watched the six nation rugby match with Guiness- now I know who is Johny Sexton is ;0) Watching people was something, lovely atmosphere for good ending match ;0)

It was very inspiring experience overall ;) I love to go there again ;) Ooo also Eileen's Irish hot toddy was excellent after we came home form snowy, or minus working conditions- the fire, followed by yummy food. Brilliant ;0))))

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